Monday Hodgepodge – Fishbone: A Profile In Controlled Chaos

There has never been a more eclectic band that could still retain a distinct sound in the midst of the chaos of genres bouncing off of tonal walls.

It is safe to say that the main style of this L.A. band is defiantly ska, but they are not really anything because they are simply: Fishbone.

From 1979 to now, Fishbone never really got the recognition that they deserved, a tragedy because a world without Fishbone isn’t worth living at all. As a kid that grew up during the infancy of Alternative rock and I heard about the storied mosh pits from Fishbone concerts. Without further ado:

Sunless Saturday

Music Video Here

I start off with a 90s single called “Sunless Saturday”, a track that really shows some guitar wizardry and proves that Fishbone could rock if they wanted too.

Here is the acoustic intro and main verse:

Ma & Pa

Music Video Here

Aha, now we are dealing with ska and it is all about upstrokes after a quick downward rake on the chord changes:

Skankin To The Beat

Music Here

Everybody needs a little more ska in their life, so here is another easy little tab.

Lyin’ Ass Bitch

Music Here

And more ska, this became a prototypical ska progression from a million ska bands after this song came out in 85

I hope you grow to love this crazy crazy band because they would get 1/10 of the love they deserve from their contributions to music.

Skank to the beat..